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Homeschool Babe Post Card sign up

Dear Parents…

I am not here to convince you to Homeschool. My Mission is to simplify the teaching process. Let me share my experiences …

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I Donated Breast Milk

The Actress Alicia Silverstone has been in the news this past week and in my opinion the media hasn’t been very nice. …


Don’t Knock On Our Door!!!

I dislike Solicitors !! You know, Those people who come to your house and disrupt your day with whatever they are selling.

A man should never neglect his family for business

Honor Your Husband

Someone ask me recently, “Where are the pictures of your Husband on your blog and on Facebook?”  Well, My Hubby does not have Facebook nor …

The BEST Sport (& Nursing) Bra EVER!!!

I Love My Sports (nursing) Bra

I love to wear my Sports Bra!!! I don’t think that sentence is surprising to most SAHM and any Woman that works from home. …