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CCSS Kindergarten Test Prep
TEST PREP in Kindergarten? Really? CCSS has 5 and 6 year old children learning how to BUBBLE in an answer!!

In September 2012, when I began homeschooling I asked a lot of questions and researched online. The most important questions that I needed answers to were:

  1. What does my Kindergartner needed to know?
  2. Is there a standard for all Kindergartners?
  3. Where can I find it?

Well, I couldn’t find anyone, in my small world, who had an official Checklist. Most of my parent friends didn’t get an outline of what their child was going to learn over the school year either. Come to think of it, I don’t remember getting that in school either. Well, maybe with a few college courses.

I was confused. How did a teacher know what to teach? How I was going to teach my Kindergartner? Was I on my own because I decided to teach my own child? Was I going to receive any support from my local school. Was I just supposed to pick a text book, that looked interesting, and go week by week or month by month and hope for the best? Is that what the school districts did? Is that what the teachers did?

Then I remembered in elementary school, some teachers were doing different science projects, learning music and reading different books.  My English and Math class text book were often different than some of my friends in the same school. How and why was that allowed?

Then I came across this series of books by What your… Needs to Know. I purchased the Preschooler and Kindergartner editions. A year later, I also since bought the First Grader Edition. These books are not telling me exactly HOW to teach, just the basics I needed to help me know to set me on the right track to then find my own training materials.
UPDATE 2014: I’ve noticed these books have been revised. As I stated these books were explaining what a child should know, NOT how to teach it. I will need to get to the book store and see how the updates affected my opinion.

The terminology in these books led me to Common Core State Standards. I had never heard of it before. So it was something I began to research more. As you can probably guess, I was excited and relieved to find some direction. I wanted to see where we were beginning so I also searched for a CCSS assessment. I found one on Pinterest. 🙂 YAY!

On the first week of school, I simply asked him the questions while we were playing. The funny part, I realized after I was done, I already knew exactly what he knew and what he didn’t! I was his only teacher.

Fast forward over the past year and a half I have learned a few things about CCSS. I originally thought they were for different for each state. Then I realized the term “Common Core State Standard” was NEW. Was this why I couldn’t find any information and books regarding standards? Was it the way I was wording my question? Perhaps the people I asked assumed I knew about the Federal Government Common Core State Standards.

It is important that you understand, This DOES NOT affect us as a homeschooling family, yet. It does affect all Public Schools as well as many Private Schools. So, start asking questions. Because, at this point… you have more power than I do.

While, my opinion of Common Core State Standards is no longer favorable. I love the IDEA of all children being educated and given the same opportunity to learn and achieve their dreams. I believe there must be a better way.

It would be great if you would respectfully share your opinion with me, I would love to hear from you, because I am always willing to learn. I also here to a answer questions and research more for you.

Long story longer…. I like to explain things from the beginning I am sharing.  I also really enjoy learning from others.

I am using this page to post links to articles and videos regarding the Common Core State Standards. I have not inserted (many) of my opinions, yet. Honestly the CCSS do not really affect us because my boys are young and we homeschool. However, I am not naive. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: I do not regularly watch Fox News or Glenn Beck. However, I have learned to do my own investigating when I see something that is swaying one way or another. I agree and and I disagreed with some of their views. I ask that you read the articles and watch the videos with an open mind. 🙂

Common Core: In the beginning, Common Core State Standards smelled like roses. . I am sure we can all agree that the kids across the USA should be educated and have the same education. Well, our children also are not developmentally ready at the same time.

John Stossel: An interview with both sides explaining how Common Core was adopted in 45 States, not all 50 States.

An Arkansas Mom asks the Board Members a Math Question. Watch it here. Karen explains that Teachers need help from Parents!

Common Core State Standards explained by a young man.


Julie has an interesting and amusing way to explain Common Core.

Glenn Beck – You may not agree with him but watch a few minutes (if not all) of this video.

Will Common Core and leave the Special Needs Children behind?  🙁  IEP – Individual Education Plans

Do kindergartners really need to know how to BUBBLE in their answers? Read more about Kindergarten Math with Common Core at Gary Rubinstein’s Blog.Kindergarten Test Prep

I will be adding more articles, videos and opinions as I learn more. Please feel free to respectfully share your ideas and opinions.



Are Common Core Standards Appropriate for Severely Developmentally Disabled Students? Are they appropriate for students with IEP’s? Read this article….

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