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Newlyweds ~ July 2000

I always wanted to be a Wife and a Momma. I have been living my life long dream of being my Hunks Wife since 2000. Here we are in 2004 going to Hawaii, we were invited into the Cockpit and we were in the Captain’s seat with the his hat and the co-pilot’s hat too. It was the best start to a vacation ever!

Hawaii 2004
Hawaii 2004

13th Wedding Anniversary 2013
13th Wedding Anniversary 2013

Here are our little hunks. Sugar, in the orange shirt and jet pack, was born in 2006. Smiles, in the blue, was born in 2009. We rescued our terrier mix puppy, Cali Girl,  in November 2012. We also have a kitty cat Peek-a-boo (not pictured).


It is easy to find happiness in most of my days with my family. I am also a first year accidental homeschooling , a computer geek, a mom on a journey of fitness and healthy eating. I love to learn new things and I am excited to share my knowledge. I am hoping you will share your experiences too.

I'm new to the blogging world
I’m new to the blogging world

Sugar, Smiles and a dash of Hope was my original blog name in May 2013. After reading above, you might realize I named the original blog after my kids. 🙂 The name didn’t explain me or my blog. So, I followed the advice from some really great bloggers and went with Homeschool Babe the day before my birthday.
I will talk about the 3 parts of my everyday life.
Momma-Mode is all about family life and being a Momma.
Teacher-Mode is full of learning opportunities.
Babe-Mode is remembering that I am still my own person and a wife.
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